‘Platinum’ and ‘Double Gold’ @ Wine Press Northwest Platinum Judging!


2011 Phinny Hill Vineyard Carmenère won ‘Platinum’!
2010 Selway won ‘Double Gold’!

This is a best of the best judging. Only gold medal winning wines from specific international, national, and regional wine competitions and Wine Press Northwest’s own peer-group blind judgings are eligible to enter the Platinum Competition. This year 634 gold medal winning wines were judged for platinum status and only 151 made Platinum and about 250 were awarded ‘Double Gold’.

We were really intimidated by this unique varietal when we made our first Carmenere in 2006. Since then we have found our style and confidence and fallen head over heels in love with Phinny Hill Vineyards Carmenere. These awards along with the ‘TOP 100’ rating help validate the feeling that we are heading in the right direction!

This photo was published in the December issue of Wine Press Northwest and shows our bottle alongside other Platinum winners. It’s an honor to be pictured next to the likes of Reininger and Walla Walla Vintners!

Read more about the platinum judging athttp://winepressnw.com/2013/12/23/2746212/best-of-the-best-2013-platinum.html