Clearwater Canyon Cellars Blog

Clearwater Canyon Cellars wine is now available at River Dance Lodge in Syringa Idaho.

June 1, 2012

This is a great stop if you are driving between Missoula Montana and Lewiston. Great food and a compelling wine list ….yup it is a must do…sip Clearwater Canyon Cellars Lochsa at the Lodge after a long day on the Lochsa! Peter Grubb, the owner, is a real wine lover. I took this picture of Peter in front of one of the cabins (COMPLETE WITH HOT TUB). Can you see the wine stains on his teeth? He seemed to really like our Cab Franc 😉 Check them out at  

May in the Umiker Vineyard – Video

May 27, 2012

  Watch ‘May in the Umiker Vineyard’! Click on the picture below. The vines are growing fast now! The inflorescences (clusters of flowers) have formed which will soon bloom and become grape clusters. Our 2010 planting of Chardonnay is producing its first crop! Check in on our kids…we have propagated our Syrah and Viognier and they are soon to join their family in the vineyard.

LC Valley Grown Carmenere

April 12, 2012

Tasting the first ever Lewis-Clark Valley grown Carmenere with the the proud growers of the ‘Near Eden Vineyard’. I got lost in the nose of this wine…big pepper and floral aromas..there isn’t much of it making it that much more special!